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10/02/2011 – Putting play back on the agenda

Playtime is a member of The National Play Alliance, an umbrella group of organisations set up to promote children’s right to play. Putting play back on the political agenda is the aim of the Alliance during our general election 2011. Play is vital for children and their well being but in the midst of our economic crisis the importance of play has been completely forgotten.  Among the very first cuts made by the government was the closure of The National Play Resource Centre.

But the value of play in children’s lives cannot be overstated; it is the medium through which they learn, thrive, and develop their full potential.  Any political party with a genuine concern for the future of our children must put an emphasis on play again and outline how and when they will:

  • Draw up a new National Play Policy to replace the current policy which expired in 2008
  • Establish an information and resource centre to assist play providers and local communities
  • Introduce national safety guidelines which outline the balance between risk and play value
  • Develop and maintain play work jobs, play environments and imaginative play initiatives

Playtime, with the National Play Alliance, is calling on all politicians running in the 2011 general election to honour the right to play which children living in Ireland were accorded when we signed the UN Convention on Children’s Rights 20 years ago.  Putting play back on the political agenda and outlining a concrete proposal on how the needs of children for play will be met under the next government. should be a top priority.