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25/11/2011 – Fowl Play!

‘The vast majority of outdoor urban space is dedicated to the private vehicle, while only a fraction of that land is allocated to open space for people’

This quote sums up the motivation behind an annual global initiative to transform parking spaces into green spaces for a day. Known as PARK(ing) Day, the event took place in Dublin this Autumn and Playtime transformed a parking space in the city into a place where children could play. 

We created a small urban poultry farm, with the hens from our back garden pecking in a little grassy area we rolled out, and rubber ducks in a paddling pool.  This intervention was located in the heart of the inner city on a street which although mainly residential, is used as a rat run by commuters.
The purpose of the intervention was two-fold; to bring a little fun into people’s day as they walked by and to highlight the residential nature of the area where many children live - in the hope that people driving into the city might remember to slow down and respect children’s right to play.

Throughout the day the response from residents and passersby was amazing. Adults and children alike were thrilled by the presence of real live animals on the street.  To everyone’s delight, one of the hens even laid an egg!  Both the presence of the hens and the play section of our parking space lead to all sorts of conversations about the need for more green space to grow vegetables, more space for children to play, and the overwhelming problem with fast moving traffic dominating the streets of the city.

PARK(ing) Day is the brain child of an environmentally oriented group of artists and designers. The event takes place in hundreds of cities around the globe each year, where parking space has been transformed into everything from a wedding ceremony to a pirate’s cove.
Keep an eye out for information on the event if you would like to take part next year, meanwhile check out this video of how it all went in 2011 here.